The Assignments activity in Moodle allows students to submit work to you for grading. The work may be text typed online or uploaded files of any type your device can read. Grading may be by simple points, percentages or custom scales, or more complex rubrics and marking guides may be used. Assignments may be submitted individually or in groups. You are also able to use the Assignment activity when students are not submitting written text or documents to provide the assignment details, due date, enter grades and provide feedback. An example for this use is in class presentations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Under the Submission settings heading, you can set the “Require that students accept the submission statement” drop-down list to Yes. This is on by default!

If this is set to yes, then before students can submit their assignment they must check the “This assignment is my own work, except where I have acknowledged the use of the works of other people” checkbox.

To make these settings visible, first select Yes next to student submit in groups:

Require group to make submission:

If you select Yes, then Moodle will not allow students who are not in a group to submit. They will see a message that says “You’re not a member of any group; please contact your teacher”.

Require all group members submit:

If you select Yes, then all students in that group must click the Submit button to show that they have all signed off on the submission. When one student has selected Submit, then the other members will be able to see who still has to submit.

Grouping for student groups:

Use this field if you are using groups in more than one activity in Moodle.

If you have a detailed assignment description and you do not want students to have access to it until the the allow submission time and date, then you need to uncheck the “Always show description” checkbox under the availability heading.

If you leave it checked then students will have access to the file when they click the assignment to open it, if you uncheck the box they will not.

Offline grading is when you are able to add grades to a students submission without being logged into Moodle, or having access to the internet. In order to do this, you first need to download the grading worksheet.

See Downloading the Grading Worksheet for detailed instructions.

Under the notifications heading, ensure the “Notify graders about submission” box is set to No, “No” is the default setting.