Have you been hearing the buzz about H5P? These lightweight, easy-to-build interactive tools are designed for formative learning, giving students a chance to practice critical skills before assessments — and the feedback is built right in! They’re fun, engaging, and they work in Moodle!

H5P allows you to create richer content. H5P allows you to create and edit interactive videos, presentations games and more by simply filling out a form! We recommend using H5P in Moodle to share small bitesize activities with participants to self-evaluate their learning and to receive formative feedback. H5P can also be used to create a flipped classroom!

You can review all activity types on H5Ps website at: https://h5p.org/content-types-and-applications We recommend you click on the various content types to see what may apply to your course. H5P offers tutorials for all their content types at https://h5p.org/documentation/for-authors/tutorials

If you wish to learn more, view the LT&I team workshop calendar, for the dates and times of the workshops that we offer, including H5P!

Other H5P Resources

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