Have you been hearing the buzz about H5P? These lightweight, easy-to-build interactive tools are designed for formative learning, giving students a chance to practice critical skills before assessments — and the feedback is built right in! They’re fun, engaging, and … Read More

Using/Grading Forums

How to grade using whole forum grading Go into your course and for your forum, ensure whole forum grading is set up in the forum settings. Open the forum. Click on the Grade Users. On the left you should now … Read More

Forum Settings

Asynchronous communication on Moodle is performed through the Forum activity. Forum activities can be made with different formats and settings to facilitate various discussion goals and are, by nature, asynchronous. Files such as images may be included in forum posts … Read More


To begin we are going to provide you with an audio overview of groups and groupings. Please take a listen as they can seem a bit confusing to start. The audio overview will help you to determine how much of … Read More

Quiz Settings

You can use quizzes in Moodle to evaluate student understanding of material. Moodle quizzes consist of a Quiz activity that contain one or more questions from your course’s Question bank. The Quiz activity allows you to administer a wide range … Read More

Offline Grading

Offline grading is how you are able to add grades to a students submission without being logged into Moodle, or having access to the internet. To complete offline grades, there are 3 main steps that need to occur. Frequently Asked … Read More

Grading Assignments

Like with most features, there are several different ways to mark in Moodle, but in essence there are 3 ways to grade and add feedback: Frequently Asked Questions

Assignment Settings

The Assignments activity in Moodle allows students to submit work to you for grading. The work may be text typed online or uploaded files of any type your device can read. Grading may be by simple points, percentages or custom … Read More


Before we dive into learning about Moodle’s gradebook it is important to consider how you will be collecting assessment items. The reason for this is many activities in Moodle automatically enter a line item in the gradebook so these activities … Read More

Importing Course Content

Do you have an Moodle course from a past semester with content that you want to reuse and edit for this semester? Did a co-worker teach the same class last year and tell you that you could use their work? … Read More