The participants in your Moodle course are yourself and the students who have enrolled in your course in the Banner registration system. If you think you might have been added to the wrong Moodle course shell please check your course list in TRU employee and compare it to your participants list in Moodle, they should match! Please contact your departments chair or email if they do not.

Courses added to Banner are automatically generated, but if you are wondering why there are no participants in your Moodle class, it could be 1 of 2 things! 

  1. Your students were not added to Banner, so there was nothing for Moodle to copy over to your course.
  2. Your students were added to Banner but it’s too early to add them to your class. While courses are made a few months before the semester, students are automatically populated only a few weeks before the semester start date. This is to limit the number of “suspended” students that appear in the participant list. 

I want to give you some background information on: suspended participants, waitlists and where to locate the participant list.

Suspended participants are students who have dropped out of a class so, while they can’t access the course anymore, their data is preserved in case you ever want to re-add them. 

If you want to remove these students, you can do so yourself by going to the class participation list, by finding the student you want to remove and clicking the trash icon next to them.

If you have students who are on your course waitlist, they will appear as Active until the semester add/drop date. Following this date they should appear as Suspended.

TRU add/drop dates can be found on the TRU web page titled Academic Schedule and Important Dates.

This allows them to keep their spot on the list, should spaces become available and is outlined on the enrolment services website:

To find your participant list, go into your course, and under your course name (at the top of the page) select Participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can add participants to your Moodle course!

  1. Click Participants
  1. Ensure Enrolled users is selected and click the blue Enrol users button
  1. The assigned role is defaulted to Student, select the role you would like the user to have from the Assign role drop-down list (i.e. student, teacher or non-editing teacher) . In the search box, you can search by user name, T-ID or staff ID. We recommend searching by T-ID or staff ID as they are unique and you will not need to sort through users that have the same name. Enter the ID in the search box and wait as it takes a moment for Moodle to search through the database. Click on the users name and ID shown below.
  1. Click the Enrol users button, in the bottom right corner of the pop-up window.

Yes, if you are teaching multiple sections of the same course you can use course meta links to merge them!

About the Course Meta Link

Creating a course meta link allows all the students in one course to be automatically enrolled in another course. You will want to create a course meta link when you are teaching more than one section of the same course and you are using the same course materials and gradebook setup. We recommend creating and adding all students that are currently enrolled in the course to a group before adding the course meta link.

Creating a Course Meta Link

  1. Click the Participants
  2. From the Enrolled users drop-down list select select Enrollment methods
  1. From the Add method drop-down list select Course meta link
  1. Select the course you are linking to from the Search drop-down list, select the group you want to add the students to from the Add to group drop-down list. If you do not have a group created select Create new group from the Add to group drop-down list. Click Add method
urse meta link -> Add method

Yes, you can enable a course self enrolment key!

Enabling a self enrolment key is how you can allow students to enrol themselves in a course by providing them with a password to sign into a class. You may want set this up if you have to manually enrol your students and feel you have too many to enter one at a time. You may want to consider sending all your students an email message with a link to their Moodle course and a password to enrol themselves into the Moodle course. This password is known as a self enrolment key. 

To enable a self enrolment key for your course:

  1. Click the Participants
  2. From the Enrolled users drop-down list select select Enrollment methods
  1. Click the eye to enable self enrolment, next click the gear icon , to the right of the eye to add the enrolment key.
  1. Scroll down to where it says Enrolment key and, you can click on the eye to show you the randomly selected password it has been assigned or the pencil to edit this. Then select Save changes in blue at the bottom of the page.