Backup Your Course

Moodle courses will automatically be archived 2 years after the semester end date. We recommend you save a backup of your Moodle courses so you can restore/reuse them without any wait times or delays. To save a backup of your … Read More


A special forum for announcements, and general news is called the Announcements forum. By default, whenever a new Moodle course is created, the Announcements forum is automatically created and added to the course at the top of the page. Also, … Read More

Question Bank

Building and Using a Question Bank The Question bank is an organized repository for all the questions in your course, separate from any quiz activities that might use them. It is good practice to create categories to organize your questions. … Read More

Notification Settings

Notifications alert teachers, students and other users about events in Moodle such as new forum posts, assignments that need grading or have been graded or badges awarded. You can customize which notifications you receive in Moodle! Below are instructions that … Read More